Houston Nose Surgery Before and After Pics – Houston Rhinoplasty Cost

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Contacting a Leading Houston Rhinoplasty Surgeon

The nose is one of the more prominent features of the face. A beautifully shaped, proportionate nose can enhance and complement the beauty of the face. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, as a disproportionate nose can distract from the other facial features. If an individual constantly feels self-conscious due to his or her nasal appearance, nose surgery in Houston could provide a solution. Because nose surgery is a complex plastic surgery treatment, it should be performed only by a highly experienced, well-trained surgeon. The best Houston rhinoplasty surgeons are dedicated to helping their rhinoplasty Houston patients realize their aesthetic dreams while performing all procedures in the safest, most effective manner possible.

Rhinoplasty and Other Facial Procedures in Houston

During their presurgical consultations, potential rhinoplasty patients should ask as many questions as possible. In addition to inquiring about the rhinoplasty preparation, nose surgery cost and recovery time, they should also ask to see rhinoplasty before and after photos in order to ensure that the surgeons obtains optimum results. They should also inquire about the possibility of combining nose surgery with other facial enhancement treatments. Many surgeons are not only talented Houston nose job experts but also highly skilled Houston face lift, eyelid lift, brow lift and neck lift specialists. They can provide detailed explanations of these procedures as well as determine which of these treatments are appropriate for you. Many younger individuals are not candidates for any of these surgical procedures because they can achieve outstanding results through nonsurgical treatments, such as Botox and Restylane injections.

Nose Surgery in Houston: Preparation, Procedure and Recovery

While rhinoplasty involves only a small part of the body, it is a major cosmetic surgery procedure that requires careful preparation and considerable recovery time. Surgeons typically recommend that their nose surgery Houston patients quit smoking and avoid taking certain over-the-counter medications in advance of the surgery. These precautions are necessary in order to avoid poor healing, a major risk of rhinoplasty that is sometimes caused by the chemicals found in cigarettes and certain medications.

The rhinoplasty procedure requires one to two hours to complete and is typically performed with general anesthesia. After the procedure, the nose is stuffed with special packing, and a splint is applied to support the new nasal shape. The initial swelling usually subsides within several weeks. However, minor swelling might persist for several months, and some rhinoplasty Houston patients might not see their final results until one year after their procedure. However, the wait is usually worth it as most Houston nose surgery patients are highly satisfied and consider the results well worth the rhinoplasty cost.

Discovering Houston After Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Impressed by before and after nose surgery Houston photos, many out-of-town patients journey to Houston to receive rhinoplasty. After undergoing nose surgery, most patients desire to explore some of the shopping, dining, nightlife and arts offerings of Houston. Renowned as an important center for visual arts, Houston is home to an array of galleries and museums ranging from tiny arts lounges to vast outdoor exhibit spaces. An especially unique exhibit venue is the Buffalo Bayou ArtPark. This "living museum" consists of a vast open space containing about 25 sculptures that are constantly changing to surprise the visitors. Another often-visited exhibit space in Houston is the Blaffer Art Museum. Located on the campus of the University of Houston, this establishment specializes in contemporary visual arts and culture.

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